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RJI Awards for 2022

Restorative Justice International (RJI) presents the RJI Award for Excellence in Restorative Justice for 2022. The following are categories of service in the field of restorative justice identified by RJI as new critical areas of application around the world.

The seven recipients of the RJI Award for Excellence for 2022 include:

Victims Advocacy & In-Prison Restorative Justice Programming

Ray & Vi Donovan

United Kingdom | Chris Donovan Trust

Wrongful Convictions

Jeffrey Deskovic

New York, U.S. | Deskovic Foundation 

Transformative Dialogues

Paulo Moratelli

Brazil | Paulo Moratelli Podcast

Radical Extremism

Professor Don John Omale

Nigeria | Don John Omale Podcast 

Death Penalty Abolition

Reverend Jack Sullivan Jr.

Ohio, U.S |  Ohio Council of Churches

Human Rights

Dr. Upneet Lalli

India | Upneet Lalli Podcast

Creative Innovation

Martin Howard

Australia | RJ World

Restorative Justice International (RJI) is an association and network founded in 2008 and committed to victims-driven restorative justice. RJI has over 7000 members and affiliates and is guided by a robust 15-member Global Advisory Council. RJI’s vision for change continues to expand to solve intractable social ills around the world using restorative justice principles.

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  • Terry Hoyt
    July 15, 2022

    Congratulations and GOD Bless each of you and Thank You 💯

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