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Upneet Lalli podcast: India (May 23, 2019)

From Chandigarh, India
Today’s podcast is with Dr. Upneet Lalli. Upneet is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Correctional Administration & also a co-founder of the Social Action Foundation Of Equity (SAFE).
Dr. Upneet Lalli has a Doctorate in Psychology and her thesis focused on the ‘Role of Motivating Factors in Judicial Decision Making’. She has a law degree from the Department of Laws, Punjab University, Chandigarh. Upneet is a recognized human rights activist and often published author on criminal justice reform, prisons, and restorative justice. From The Tribune:
Upneet is also a member of RJI’s Global Advisory Council as well as an affiliate member of RJI. We are grateful to talk to this restorative justice champion and national leader as we discuss many issues related to justice and restorative justice facing India at this hour.
The following podcast was recorded before the election results announced on May 23, 2019.