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Paulo Moratelli Podcast-Brazil (December 2019)

 Paulo Moratelli is a psychologist, a delegate for Brazil with the Spanish Scientific Society for Restorative Justice, and Executive Director of Coonozco, where he teaches courses and workshops to train facilitators on conflict and crime prevention and transformation processes.

As a psychologist, he is trained in various methods working with groups and is a qualified trainer in restorative practices and mediation. He has extensive experience in conducting Restorative Circles as well as Transformative Circles, a method he developed. Paulo has conducted hundreds of Circles, usually in serious cases such as homicides, sexual abuse, gender-based violence, and with adolescent offenders and abused or neglected children. As a speaker, lecturer and instructor of Restorative / Transformative Justice he works throughout Brazil and has worked in Spain and Mexico. In 2020 Paulo will speak in England, Mexico, Australia and Singapore. 

We are happy to bring this podcast to you from Caxias do Sul, Brazil where Paulo is based and this podcast was recorded. Coonozco is an affiliate member of RJI. Reach Paulo at