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RJI Affiliate Membership: Application & Benefits

The Benefits:

  • Joining as an Affiliate is being a part of RJI’s premium membership network. Meet and network with the best in the world!
  • Your organization, business, state governmental agency, church or NGO will be listed as an Affiliate Member on our website. (If you prefer not to be listed let us know that.) Individuals are encouraged also to join RJI as affiliate members.
  • Once you are an Affiliate you may post promotional announcements of conferences, workshops, classes, books, films or events related to restorative justice or justice reform efforts we support on RJI’s social media hubs.
  • You will be considered to become a guest on a RJI Podcast. RJI podcasts are shared on our website and at our social media hubs! RJI circulates them widely. Those we interview are on the cutting edge of restorative justice and systemic justice reform efforts.
  • You will be invited to participate in high level national and international video conference calls on important issues related to restorative justice and justice reform. As we organize around the world you will be asked to work with us, especially through our newly established working groups. We value what you do on the ground in this field. You will learn from us and from the restorative justice experts that support the work of RJI. And they will learn from you!
  • RJI will work to highlight your work in the restorative justice field via RJI on our various social media hubs. Keep us up to date about what you are doing in the field once you join as an Affiliate.
  • You will be considered for an appointment to the RJI Global Advisory Council (GAC) representing your region, state or country. See our current Global Advisory Council team on this site. We are currently represented in 12 countries!
  • You will be considered for an appointment as a RJI Ambassador of Restorative Justice.
  • Once you join you may schedule a 30-minute consultation with RJI’s president at no charge to discuss victims-driven restorative justice. We are open to short and long-term partnerships in ways that benefit you and RJI.

Annual rates: join as a business, university, governmental entity, NGO or as an individual. The fee to join RJI annually is $150.00.  Make your payment at our site via Paypal (link below). You can also send your payment via post. Please indicate you wish to join as an Affiliate.
Renew your existing membership ($150.00)

Become an Affiliate member

Thank you for joining RJI as we work with you to expand restorative justice around the world–always on the cutting edge.
Payments to RJI are not tax deductible in the U.S. at this time. However, we have partners who are NGOs. We will make it work for you! Let us know if you would like to give to RJI on a monthly basis. Thank you to those who do! 


General Affiliate Membership  – US $150.00

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