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Wells Fargo settlement: restorative justice applies

RJI was encouraged to see the recent story (May 25, 2017) reported by the Los Angeles Times regarding a California federal judge’s court order in the case of Wells Fargo. Given the enormity of the case and the multiple lawsuits against Wells Fargo we believe Judge Vince Chhabria was entirely correct to speak of “making things right” with all the customers who were injured in this case. Full compensation should follow and as the judge stated a “guarantee” of that full compensation should ensue. That ‘s restorative justice. If injury was caused then the offender, even a company, must make things right with all those injured–the victims in this case.
In the field of restorative justice that type of restitution actually would often, but not always, be more than the amount of money lost. By Wells Fargo agreeing to make things right with all the customers injured they will go a long way towards showing that they are willing to be held accountable for their actions. That’s how you restore faith with the public and those customers who suffered.