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Virginia Domingo de la Fuente Podcast (Spain)-November 2021

 Recorded in Burgos, Spain
Today’s podcast is with Virginia Domingo de La Fuente from Spain.
RJI is doing something different today as Paulo Moratelli (Brazil) is assisting us in the translation of this podcast. This podcast is in English and Spanish and we are glad to bring it to you!
 Virginia is a Professor and Tutor at the University of Genève in Switzerland teaching an international course on juvenile justice with a restorative approach since 2017. She served as a judge from 2003 through 2011. Virginia is an international consultant on restorative justice and victim-offender mediation with many organizations and serves on RJI’s Global Advisory Council.
Virginia is also the Coordinator of the Restorative Justice Service in Castilla and Leon-Amepax & President of the Scientific Society of Restorative Justice.  She is the designer, coordinator and facilitator of the first in-prison restorative program in Spain approved in 2019. She has advised the Ministry of Justice in Spain on the statute of the victim and additional recommended rulings to the criminal procedural code. Virginia provides training in restorative practices internationally and regularly lectures at congresses and conferences.
RJI is pleased to provide this podcast interview to you today. Virginia has been a long time member of RJI’s  Global Advisory Council and we are happy to introduce you to her and the important work she does in Spain and internationally. We discuss in-prison restorative justice programs, the difference between mediation and restorative justice, and global trends in the field of restorative justice and criminal justice reform. Listen!

To contact Virginia find her website and blog at the following: Justicia Restaurativa por Virginia Domingo (
We again thank Paulo Moratelli for his assistance in this international podcast! We also thank Fabio Becker (Brazil) and Martin Howard (Australia) for the production of the podcast.