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Victim Initiated Restorative Justice (VIRJ)-Contact RJI

RJI is expanding its outreach to victims of crime to encourage victims to step forward and choose restorative justice. If you do not know what restorative justice is or want more information about it contact RJI via our website portal.
Some victims of crime, especially victims of violent crime,  choose restorative justice long after the crime was committed. That ‘s not unusual. RJI believes restorative justice should be available at various junctures after crime occurs and injury sustained. We work to remove the barriers that do exist in our justice systems that prohibit a victim’s access to restorative justice. RJI supports a victim’s right to restorative justice. We advocate for this right nationally and globally. It is our position that this right should be in our laws.
Victim offender dialogue is one type of restorative justice process that is particularly helpful to crime victims and to offenders, or ex-offenders, also. Through victim offender dialogue victims or victim’s family members are able to ask questions and receive answers. It is never mandatory–always voluntary for both the victim and the offender. Offenders are able to take responsibility for their actions directly or as directly as possible.
If you have questions or seek a referral contact RJI.