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UK Testimony on restorative justice: Parliament (Jan. 12, 2017)
RJI has often shared legislative information on restorative justice policies in the UK which has included providing their national plans to implement restorative justice. This link provides you with extensive coverage of testimony given by MP Bob Neill, for Bromley & Chislehurst. Mr. Neil serves as Chair, Justice Committee. This testimony was given on January 12, 2017 in Westminister Hall.
The Ministry of Justice is currently working on its third action plan on restorative justice since November 2014. While such action plans are often critiqued by various lobbying groups and affected parties and stakeholders, as they should be, RJI is encouraged by the evolution of these plans to expand the use of restorative justice throughout the UK. We are particularly encouraged by the emphasis of victims-centered and victims-driven restorative justice. We note the important contribution of organizations like the Restorative Justice Council, a source we cite often in our work.
RJI hopes that such national plans will be used by other countries to provide some guidance and adapted as a  possible model, on some level, when working towards needed systemic criminal justice reform based on restorative justice principles.
RJI is happy to provide feedback and legislative guidance on restorative justice when requested.