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UK Law Enforcement Leader Advocates for Restorative Justice

Sir Charles Pollard, former Chief Constable of the Thames Valley Police, one of Britain's largest police forces, is a strong advocate of restorative justice.
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RJI has great respect for the work of Sir Charles, particularly his understanding of the need to build public support for restorative justice on the ground in communities
while providing real justice to victims of crime and supporting options to transform offenders through measure that urge offender accountability.
As many law enforcement bodies in the U.S. and worldwide attempt to balance the need for public safety with the rights of its citizens while seeking to
build confidence in local law enforcement restorative justice is key to administering justice. Restorative justice that is victims-driven and victim-centered opens doors for
healing of victims as well as understanding the need to seek ways to repair the injury sustained in communities after crime occurs.
Sir Charles continues to work in the field of restorative justice today as the UK Ministry of Justice has made a commitment to expand the use of restorative justice nationally.
This is Lisa Rea for Restorative Justice International.