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Restorative Policing Webinar Audio Release (recording: September 30, 2016)

RJI’s restorative policing webinar on September 30, 2016 featured two exceptional international experts on restorative justice. We share the 90-minutes audio of this webinar today.
Dr. Paul McCold (U.S.) led RJI’s Global Working Group on Restorative Policing which produced one of the first white papers of its kind on restorative policing. McCold (U.S.) is a research criminologist and international recognized scholar specializing in restorative justice since 1993. Dr. McCold serves on RJI’s Global Steering Committee. Terry O’Connell (Australia) is an international restorative justice pioneer with 30 years’ experience as a police veteran. He  successfully integrated restorative principles within his own New South Wales police services in Australia and has introduced restorative processes within police services in North America and the UK.
The webinar was moderated by RJI president Lisa Rea.
Also find RJI ‘s White Paper at this link: