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Restorative Justice: Indonesia

RJI agrees with the Jakarta Post’s editorial (March 29, 2016) which urges the use of restorative justice in Indonesia’s justice system.
Countries around the world are concluding that there must be a better way to respond to crime than to incarcerate all types of offenders: violent and nonviolent alike. While restorative justice is much more than an alternative to prison it is important to see that mass incarceration is not an answer to crime. Offenders must be held accountable in ways that restore crime victims, as much as possible, and communities as well. Victims-driven restorative justice does just that.
Systemic reform of our justice systems must be based on restorative justice since it is through these principles and this vision for change that the needs of victims are not ignored and offenders learn that their actions have injured victims and communities.
Restorative justice is spreading rapidly and ministers of justice worldwide are taking notice. To get support from RJI contact us directly @ We are available to train and to present restorative justice to you.

  • Lisa Singh
    March 30, 2016

    I lived in Indonesia nine years and Restorative justice fits well with the natural culture of Indonesians. It is great that there is an awareness to start programs there. I hope I will be able to help.

  • Anneke van Hoek
    March 31, 2016

    I will be living in Jakarta in the first six months of 2017. I’m co-founder of Restorative Justice Netherlands and if I can do anything in the field of RJ while I’m there (or before and after) I’d be happy to help.

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