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Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland

RJI shares this article written by David Orr providing his comments and overview of restorative justice in Northern Ireland particularly with the youth population. RJI has found that sometimes restorative justice efforts appear and take root around the globe in places where most would be surprised to see it.  Northern Ireland could certainly be considered one of those places. We appreciate Mr. Orr’s article published here by  the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.
Evidence based research shows us that restorative justice is more likely to be successful in cases of violence or severe violence in comparison to low level offenses. We would like our readers to also to consider the case of Jo Berry and the man who killed her father, Patrick Magee, a member of the IRA. RJI has told their story previously. Their work is an example of restorative justice at work.
‘Listening to your enemies’: Jo Berry and Patrick Magee
RJI is encouraged by the important work of restorative justice expanding around the world showing that there is hope even after violent crime and devastation where people, their justice systems and their governments are seeing that there is a better way to respond to violence. It’s restorative justice.
This is Lisa Rea for Restorative Justice International.