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Restorative Justice in Jamaica: National Roll-Out Encouraged

Countries around the world are collecting  evidence on restorative justice and learning that there is a better way to administer justice than to depend solely on incarceration of offenders.  Restorative justice that is victims-driven and centered, in particular, is drawing attention and support.  Ministers of Justice globally are learning that restorative justice increases victims’ satisfaction, lowers offender recidivism rates, and contributes to safer communities.
Through restorative justice processes offender accountability is stressed in ways that seek to restore victims of crime, as much as possible, and communities as well since they are also injured by crime. While some governments are exploring the use of restorative justice with low level offenders others are concluding that restorative justice principles can be applied to all types of offenders, nonviolent and violent offenders alike.
This story from Jamaica.