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Mayor of London Invests in Restorative Justice to Reach More Crime Victims
RJI is pleased to share this story regarding the commitment of 1.3 million pounds by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for the expansion of restorative justice in London. We note also the mayor’s particular emphasis on the importance of victims centered restorative justice in his statement about this expansion.
RJI applauds the emphasis on restoring crime victims since increasingly victims of violent crime are choosing restorative justice after they have experienced injury. Victims are more likely to experience healing, on some level, if they choose to participate in restorative justice. Therefore, restorative justice options should be plentiful and crime victims should be educated about their options. Offenders are more likely to be held accountable when they participate in restorative justice processes which studies show leads to lower recidivism rates. Communities also are more engaged when involved in restorative processes. As mentioned in this article the mayor is bringing in existing and well established community based restorative justice organizations to be involved in this new expanded effort in London.
London ‘s Mayor Khan shows his commitment to restorative justice by increasing the necessary funding for the implementation of victims-centered restorative justice. This is exactly what is needed in cities around the world.