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Law Enforcement Supports Use of Restorative Justice: Concord, MA (U.S.)

RJI is pleased to share this video which interviews law enforcement officers about their views of restorative justice. Detective Keith Campbell (Acton, MA) and Police Chief Len Wetherbee (Concord, MA) do an excellent job explaining how they first viewed restorative justice and how they came to fully support it now in their community.  We thank Communities for Restorative Justice ( for the use of this video.
Restorative justice can bring together communities by addressing the real needs of crime victims by holding offenders accountable in ways that seek to make things right with both victims and communities. Through restorative justice communities are more involved in their justice system. For law enforcement the use of restorative justice processes is  win-win.
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This is Lisa Rea for Restorative Justice International.