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Jo Berry: A Witness for Restorative Justice

Interview with Jo Berry (1)
Jo Berry’s willingness to meet the man who killed her father is another example of restorative justice at work. In her case it is also a glimpse into the kind of rare peace making we could use around the world.  An IRA bomb killed Jo’s father, Sir Anthony Berry, MP, on October 12, 1984. Patrick Magee was one of the IRA members responsible for the bombing.  Jo chose to meet Patrick Magee.
Jo ‘s story is told in the links we provide. We are also posting RJI’s Lisa Rea’s 2011 interview with Ms. Berry providing  details about that the meeting: how it happened, the process and the outcome (as posted by
Can there be peace after extreme violence?  Victims, survivors of violence, say peace is possible even when others doubt. But those who lead the way are the victims of violence who point to a better way. RJI honors the work of Jo Berry.