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Israel-Palestinian War: RJI statement (October 24, 2023)

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RJI Press Release

October 24, 2023

Today Restorative Justice International (RJI) signs on to the United Nations Human Rights statement on the Israel/ Palestinian conflict issued on October 12, 2023. The statement, supported by independent scholars, calls for a truce between the parties with a commitment to seeking peaceful ways to respond to the conflict while addressing the root causes of the conflict.

The UN Human Rights statement:

RJI adds this additional statement reflecting our commitment to restorative justice globally.

Restorative Justice International (RJI) supports the sovereignty of nations. When there is conflict of any kind between people or nations, RJI supports the use of restorative justice principles in response to those conflicts. Through restorative justice processes dialogue is possible and is urged. To participate in a restorative justice dialogue there first must be an absence of violence or threat of violence between participants, including nations.

RJI is an association and network of over 7000 members and affiliates founded in 2008 with a robust Global Advisory Council (GAC) comprised of esteemed members from 12 countries.

RJI’s mission is to support victims-driven restorative justice in ways that restore victims of violence, as much as possible, urge offender accountability, and restore peace to communities torn by crime, violence, or war.