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Rwanda: International Criminal Tribunal Closes

RJI re-prints this article with Dan Van Ness of Prison Fellowship International regarding his restorative justice work in Rwanda as the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda closes.  This interview was published by UNICRI’s Freedom from Fear and written by JRP, the Justice & Reconciliation Project. Is there more healing needed in Rwanda? Those severely injured by the 1994 genocide are in need of healing and offenders must be held accountable in the days ahead. Communities must be involved in the process of restorative justice.
RJI provides you with this earlier 2014 radio interview with Pastor John Ngabo from Rwanda conducted by New Mainers Speak. We are honored to have Pastor Ngabo on our Global Steering Committee.
After genocide the work is never done. RJI is committed to seeing more healing and accountability in the lives of victims, victims’ family, their offenders and their communities.
Interview with PFI’s Dan Van Ness:
Interview with Pastor John Ngabo, RJI Global Steering Committee member:
International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda closes: