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Hate violence, U.S. election & restorative justice: KCBS Radio Interview (11.15.16)

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The following is a radio interview conducted on November 15th with KCBS (AM-740/106.9FM) in San Francisco with Lisa Rea, president, Restorative Justice International in response to the increasing incidents of hate violence, the election of Donald Trump on November 8th and restorative justice.
We share that interview with you now. Thank you to KCBS for providing the link.
It is clear to us that restorative justice must apply to racial violence and hate violence of any kind and wherever it is found. We are committed to this position and will work with those who are also committed to the basic human rights of all people in the United States and around the globe. A justice that heals is needed wherever there is injury or  harm against any individual. Restorative justice principles require truth telling for healing and possible reconciliation to occur. RJI stands firm with our members and affiliates working for restorative justice and for the human rights of those who are marginalized and discriminated against. This is a message of hope and must be embraced.
To work with RJI support us via this website or contact us by emailing our office.