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Global Advisory Council meets: End of the Year (video)-December 2022

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RJI’s Global Advisory Council (GAC) held its end of the year meeting on December 15 with 13 members of our Council. The video recording is public. What an excellent meeting it was! We appreciate the participation of each outstanding member as we hear reports of their work in the field of restorative justice, justice reform and human rights worldwide. RJI President Lisa Rea reports on the highlights of RJI’s work in 2022 which included new ways of applying restorative justice to societal ills. It was a challenging year for all of us around the world due to covid-19, but RJI rose to meet the challenge.

Hear from the following GAC members during this GAC meeting: Dr. Sandro Calvani (Thailand), Prosecuting Attorney Eli Savit (Michigan), Jeff Deskovic (New York), Reverend Jack Sullivan Jr. (Ohio), Ray and Vi Donovan (UK), Dr. Upneet Lalli (India), Pastor Jonathan Peter Clayton (South Africa), Professor Marie Keenan (Ireland), Ailbhe Griffith (Ireland), Helen Bowen (New Zealand), Jo Berry (UK), and Peter B. Collins (California). RJI also acknowledges the GAC members who could not join us for this call but have been active throughout the year. We also thank our Affiliate members for standing with us.

May the new year in 2023 be bright with hope and restorative justice be available and accessed by those in need of real justice: victims, offenders, and communities. And may restorative justice be applied anywhere there is harm and injury. RJI is committed. Consider contributing to us today if you appreciate our vision and our voice. Thank you.

This GAC meeting runs 1:30. Thank you to GAC member Martin Howard (Australia) for his production assistance.