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Colorado District Attorney Supports Restorative Justice

Boulder County, Colorado District Attorney has secured $500,000 to use for restorative justice for juvenile offenders. RJI commends this district attorney. This should just be the start, however. Evidence based research shows restorative justice works, not just for juvenile offenders but for all offenders—adults as well as juveniles.  In addition, restorative justice works for all types of offenses, nonviolent and violent offenders.
The key is restorative justice must be victims-driven, and centered.  Restorative justice works and is so powerful because it focuses on the following elements:   1) putting crime victims in the center of the system, 2) stressing that offenders be directly responsible for their actions 3) seeking to restore victims as much as possible and 4) urging offenders to make things right, as much as possible, with their victims injured by their actions and communities as well also injured by crime.
Around the globe justice systems are coming to the same conclusion. The traditional justice system falls short. But restorative justice leads to real change in offenders and restoration of victims can take place through restorative justice processes.
Read the following story from the Daily Camera in Colorado:
This is Lisa Rea for Restorative Justice International.