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Chris Fabricant Podcast: author of Junk Science (March 2023)

Today’s podcast is with M. Chris Fabricant who is based in New York.

Chris is the Innocence Project’s Director of Strategic Litigation and is one of the nation’s leading experts on forensic sciences and the American criminal justice system.Chris is a former public defender and clinical law professor, and a writer who brings over two decades of experience ranging from litigating death penalty cases in the Deep South to misdemeanors in the South Bronx.

Today we discuss his recent book called Junk Science.

RJI is particularly interested in the subject of junk science because we take a strong position on wrongful convictions and the need to both “right’ the wrongs of wrongful convictions and prevent them.

RJI thanks Chris Fabricant for this excellent podcast discussion. We urge those listening, and watching, to learn more about the use of junk science in the American legal system by buying a copy of Junk Science. We look forward to working with the Innocence Project and all those those who work on behalf of those wrongfully convicted. RJI also seeks to prevent wrongful convictions through public policy changes in our laws in the U.S. and globally.

(photo credit: Steven Mark Chaney exonerated (left) with Chris Fabricant in Dallas, Texas on October 12, 2015 (Innocence Project)