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California Murder Victim Family Member Supports Restorative Justice

Victims of violent crime across the U.S. and around the world are finding that restorative justice provides them with hope and the chance of healing after violent crime. Read the story of Cindy Harber in Ventura county,  California. Ms. Harber deserves to meet her offender if she chooses to do so.  Restorative Justice International supports a victim’s right to restorative justice.
No door should shut on crime victims who choose to participate in restorative justice processes. The justice system should welcome the involvement of crime victims who support restorative justice. It is through these victims of violent crime who support restorative justice that offenders lives are changed for the better and communities are safer. Victims like Cindy Harber find some level of restoration after severely violent crime.
RJI supports legislation that embraces victims-driven restorative justice. Contact RJI for more information on public policy efforts that put the needs of crime victims first.