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BBC Radio: What Point Prison? The Debate (UK)

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BBC Radio airs the following show entitled What Point Prison? The Debate chaired by Stephen Sackur (August 25, 2016). It is a lengthy, interesting and at times fiery debate on crime, prisons and justice reform. With England and Wales currently housing 93,000 inmates what is the state of the justice system? Is there a better way?
There are many guests on the show but to RJI the victims of crime who participated were the strongest witnesses advocating for a better way to respond to crime: restorative justice. RJI recognizes the following victims of violent crime for their important contribution to this public debate: Vi and Ray Donovan (Christopher Donovan Trust) and Shad Ali. We thank them and the growing numbers of victims of violent crime who speak out regularly making the case for restorative justice globally.