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RJ World 2022 offers 40 speakers from 6 continents for 8-day eConference.

40 restorative justice presenters from 6 continents connecting with hundreds of delegates in a private social network is the formula for RJ World 2022 eConference. It enables like-minded folk from around the world to experience an abundance of inspiring interaction and learning – in the comfort of their own home. Using a combination of pre-recorded and live presentations, the delegates can watch and interact throughout the week.

The online conference runs for 8 days. April 23-30, 2022.

Speakers will share on a broad range of restorative justice topics: Communities / Youth Justice / Schools / Gender issues / Trauma-informed practice / Prisons / Racism and Decolonising / Sexual violence / Innovation / Systems / Practice Improvement.

Audiences can join three learning streams, curated to address different stages of restorative work – HATCHING: For those starting out in the field, GROWTH: for evolving, maturing and established iniatives and ECOSYSTEMS: Engaging and influencing communities and institutions.

The private social network environment features group messaging and social sharing spaces. Pre-recorded videos are released each day, combined with daily Zoom panels in each stream. Sessions will be made available to attendees for the remainder of 2022.

RJI is a sponsor of this event. During February, tickets can be purchased at an early bird rate from the RJI Eventbrite page