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UK documentary: “Can Criminals Say Sorry?” with Brooke Kinsella

RJI is posting this excellent documentary “Can Criminals Say Sorry?”  with host Brooke Kinsella and produced by BBC Three Documentary. It’s an intensive look at restorative justice from a crime victim’s perspective. Kinsella is a crime victim whose brother was murdered.  She does a great job showing how restorative justice is being used in the UK as the nation is currently rolling out a plan to use restorative justice nationally in its justice system.  The documentary is long (some 55 minutes) but worth viewing.
RJI believes that all crime victims have a right to restorative justice and should have access to it at various level in the justice system. We are encouraged by this documentary and what we see coming out of the UK, particularly the investment of much needed financial resources into the expansion of restorative justice with an emphasis on victims-driven and centered restorative justice.
We hope that Brooke Kinsella will choose to participate in restorative justice in her own case. We applaud her for being a part of this story on restorative justice sharing so much about her own journey after violent crime.