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RJI Podcast: Tyre Nichols’ death, race & policing, & restorative policing (Feb. 16, 2023)

Today’s podcast is on multiple subjects including the recent violent police beating death of 29-year old Tyre Nichols (Memphis, TN). During this 90-minute podcast we have a robust and intense discussion about Mr. Nichols’ death, policing and race, and restorative policing. Our esteemed guests include Professor David Love (Pennsylvania), Carlton Mayers II, Esq. (Ilinois), and Reverend Jack Sullivan Jr. (Ohio). The podcast is moderated by RJI President Lisa Rea.

David Love: Journalism and Media Studies Professor at Rutgers School of Communication and Information, and a writer based in Philadelphia, PA. Contact:

Carlton T. Mayers II: a national public safety and policing reform expert who works with communities on the state and local level throughout the U.S. He is the CEO of Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC and is based in Chicago, IL. Contact:

Reverend Jack Sullivan Jr.: Executive Director, Ohio Council of Churches, ordained Pastor, crime survivor, and member of RJI’s Global Advisory Council. He is based in Columbus, OH. Contact:

RJI’s White Paper on Restorative Policing (2016):

Also find RJI’s restorative policing webinar (2016) at our site located at the News tab.

We thank our guests today for their important contribution to this podcast. RJI will continue to work this problem with your help. To be involved in the future of policing by working for restorative policing in the U.S. and globally contact RJI at our portal. Thank you for supporting RJI’s work by contributing to us.

(photo: police body cam during beating of Tyre Nichols)