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RJI Podcast: Death Penalty & Restorative Justice (June 2023)

RJI Podcast recorded on June 8, 2023

Today’s podcast is a national and global forum on the death penalty and restorative justice moderated by RJI President Lisa Rea. Our guests include Dr. Upneet Lalli (India), Reverend, Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr. (Ohio, U.S.), Professor David Love (Pennsylvania, U.S.), and Professor Barbara Janusz-Pohl (Poland). Each speaker serves on RJI’s Global Advisory Council. Listen to this robust discussion on the death penalty and its intersection with restorative justice principles which includes the reality of wrongful convictions, especially in death penalty cases.

RJI takes a strong position opposing the use of the death penalty globally. Instead, we support victims-driven restorative justice which victims of violent crime increasingly support around the globe. To get involved in the work of RJI contact us via our portal.

Current statistics on the death penalty: Amnesty International (May 2023)

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  • Helen Bowen
    June 17, 2023

    Throughly enjoyed the contributions of each speaker on this important topic of the death penalty – also really enjoyed the emphasis on what victims or persons harmed would like – we have to work with cultural and gender based harm and work out inquisitorial not adversarial responses to crime. Thank you Lisa and each of the speakers – great pod cast !

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