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RJI Launches Social Media Accountability Board-September 2022

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RJI has launched a new campaign creating our Social Media Accountability Board (SMAB). RJI’s commitment is to apply restorative justice values to social media platforms encouraging global communications that are committed to truth and transparency.

The role of the RJI’s Social Media Accountability Board is the following:

  • Review social media hate speech when found.
  • Identify primary responsible parties to be monitored. Make recommendations to social media platforms for needed changes.
  • Hold social media platform companies accountable for their actions.
  • Work in partnership with others including governmental entities seeking social media accountability.
  • Report findings to key governmental leaders in countries where hate speech, and often hate crime, is identified.
  • Praise corporations when they choose to be responsible and accountable for their social media platforms.

RJI board will include key members of our global network composed of experts in the field of restorative justice, justice reform, and human rights. We are committed to truth and restorative justice around the world. For more information on the SMAB or to support this effort contact RJI via our portal. Thank you.