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RJI Appoints Austin Stack (Ireland) RJI Ambassador of Restorative Justice-October 2022

October 7, 2022

Restorative Justice International has appointed Austin Stack (Ireland) as RJI Ambassador of Restorative Justice, a key position and honor presented to those in the restorative justice movement globally.

Austin Stack is a restorative Justice advocate with a passionate interest in Social Justice & Social Policy issues. His experience includes the following:

Campaigner for a Post Conflict Commission in Ireland. 

Presented papers at many international conferences both on Restorative Practices in Prisons and on Legacy Issues of The Irish Conflict. Has also given presentations to Parliamentary Committees, North & South, on behalf of victims of the Irish Conflict.

Regular media contributor having featured on many TV and radio programmes including: Prime Time (RTE), Newsnight (BBC), Nolan Live (BBC), Tonight with Vincent Browne (TV3), Ireland AM (TV3), Spotlight (BBC), Drivetime (RTE), Morning Ireland (RTE), The Last Word (Today FM), Breakfast & Lunchtime (Newstalk), Faulkner (Midlands103), Good Morning Ulster (BBC) and Nolan Show (BBC). Regular opinion pieces have also published in the Irish Independent.

Formerly a campaign manager for various candidates during national & local elections with an expert knowledge of the Proportional Representation system. 

Currently an Assistant Governor in the Irish Prison Service. Areas of expertise include Health & Safety, Security, prisoner development programmes & training, reintegration policy & community linkage, sentence planning & restorative practices. He serves on the Global Advisory Council of Restorative Justice International.

2019 Podcast with Austin Stack: RJI Podcast – Restorative Justice International

RJI is an association and network of over 7000 members and affiliates around world working for systemic justice reform based on restorative justice principles. RJI also advocates for the application of restorative justice principles to societal ills where healing and accountability are needed.

(photo credit: Austin Stack, third from left. Healing Ireland: Truth & Reconciliation Platform-November 21, 2017)