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Restorative Justice in Seychelles at Montage Posee Prison

RJI was pleased see the following article about victims and offenders meeting in Montage Posee Prison in Seychelles. We thank the Seychelles News Agency for this link.
RJI believes that restorative justice is extremely powerful when brought into prisons and jails around the world providing an opportunity for victims to meet offenders and for offenders to take responsibility for their actions.  From this contact offenders learn first hand how their crimes have injured victims and victims get a chance to ask questions of offenders.  Forgiveness can occur from restorative justice processes, but we believe it should not be expected nor should offenders ask for forgiveness.  But healing occurs through restorative justice processes on all fronts and this is a very good thing.
We also would like to acknowledge the work of Rev. Jonathan Clayton of South Africa who was involved in the restorative justice work that occurred at the Montage Posee Prison.