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Prosecutors Get Behind Restorative Justice-Washington, D.C. (NPR) July 2, 2019

RJI was glad to hear this story from National Public Radio (July 2, 2019) about D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine’s support for restorative justice. This is not new. Smart on crime prosecutors are coming on board supporting restorative justice. Prosecutors are increasingly supporting restorative justice because it’s victims-centered and seeks to hold offenders accountable in ways that transform their behavior. That makes for safer communities with lower crime rates.
This story points out that the use of restorative justice is limited to juveniles in the D.C. unit established by the attorney general. But that office, and this attorney general, is open to taking on tougher cases. They should. RJI makes the case, based on national and global evidence based research, that victims-centered restorative justice should be used with juvenile and adult cases–non-violent offenses and violent offenses. The evidence says it works. Victims of crime are asking for it.
It’s not about being a progressive prosecutor. It’s about being a smart prosecutor. Listen.