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News Release: RJI Announces Formation of RJI Ambassadors of Restorative Justice

December 7, 2018 -11:00 am Pacific Time
RJI Announces Formation of the RJI Ambassadors of Restorative Justice
Contact: Lisa Rea, President, Restorative Justice International (RJI) & website:
Today Restorative Justice International (RJI) announces the formation of RJI’s Ambassadors of Restorative Justice Network. The ambassador network will work to expand restorative justice globally and represent the mission and values of RJI committed to systemic justice reform in justice systems worldwide. RJI urges the use of victims-driven restorative justice which supports offender accountability after crime and violence and seeks ways to restore crime victims, and communities also injured by crime.
Ambassadors will be recruited and appointed by RJI, a robust association of 5900 members and affiliates from around the world. Online and at its website RJI is the “go to” place to learn, network and share restorative justice best practices and emerging cutting edge justice reform efforts. RJI is known for its powerful podcasts interviewing key thought leaders on restorative justice and justice reform. RJI was founded in 2009 by Lisa Rea, an international restorative justice expert and advocate, via its social media hub at LinkedIn. RJI is guided by its esteemed Global Advisory Council with representatives in Thailand, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, U.S., Spain, South Africa and Nigeria.
RJI Ambassadors will represent the diversity of the growing restorative justice movement including elected officials, and former officials, legislative advocates, crime victims, academics, human rights advocates, ex-offenders, and thought leaders. Ambassadors will speak out on issues of concern to RJI supporting restorative justice wherever there is violence, harm or injury. RJI is committed to working around the globe to build stronger relationships with individuals, NGOs, and justice advocates in countries seeking to transform their justice systems.
Restorative justice reflects basic universal principles of truth and reconciliation endorsed by the United Nations in 2002 (UN Declaration of Basic Principles on the Use of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters). Restorative justice processes create safer communities by transforming offenders and ensuring that crime victims are fully invested in our justice systems and that their needs are not ignored.
“Today we need Ambassadors of restorative justice who are committed to restorative justice principles around the globe. RJI will highlight those leaders and emerging leaders in countries and states who represent this new vision for our justice systems,” said Lisa Rea, President of RJI. “Our ambassadors will provide and showcase the growing commitment to humane justice systems which do not ignore the needs of victims of violence yet are committed to the transformation of offenders who are serving time in our prisons or jails,” she said.
For more information or to be considered as an ambassador contact RJI via its website portal or by email.