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Dr. Sandro Calvani Podcast (Bangkok, Thailand)-April 28, 2022

RJI’s podcast with Dr. Sandro Calvani recorded in Bangkok, Thailand on April 28th, 2022.
Sandro is a former United Nations (UN) diplomat, Caritas executive, writer and university professor, and president of the Scientific Council of the Giuseppe Toniolo Institute for International Law of Peace. Sandro is also an esteemed member of RJI’s Global Advisory Council. Today we speak about the Ukraine war, UN involvement, restorative justice and the way forward. Sandro references his article “The Compass of Peace” which he discusses during the podcast conversation.
We are grateful for Sandro’s involvement with our work at RJI. Listen.

Sandro’s article “Let us Find Immediately the Compass of Peace” at the following link:
Full bio: Home – Sandro Calvani