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Davis Forum on Police Oversight & Restorative Justice (Davis, California)-Oct. 9, 2017

RJI was pleased to participate in the Davis Forum on Police Oversight and Restorative Justice. Lisa Rea, President, of Restorative Justice International (RJI) represented the global association. The community forum was sponsored by the Davis Vanguard and the Davis Phoenix Coalition. Participants included Darren Pytel, City of Davis Chief of Police, Shelby Moffatt, Sacramento State University faculty, Jann Garcia-Murray, community activist, Orit Kahlman, Yolo Conflict Resolution Center and Lisa Rea, RJI. The forum was moderated by David Greenwald of the Davis Vanguard.
Lisa Rea ‘s remarks during the Davis forum focused on her expertise with the use of restorative justice after violence, crime or conflict but also introduced the concept of Restorative Policing. The link to this story from the Davis Vanguard (October 12, 2017) includes RJI’s White Paper produced in 2016 and its Restorative Policing Webinar also released in 2016. The two-hour forum was spirited and expansive in nature with presentations from each panelist and questions from the community members present. There was great interest in the concept of restorative policing. RJI is hopeful that the seeds were planted in a way that can produce fruit in the future in the city of Davis.

(photo: left to right—Darren Pytel, Lisa Rea, and Shelby Moffatt)