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Australian Capital Territory to Expand Restorative Justice in 2016

RJI is pleased to share this encouraging news from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as reported by City News. According to ACT Legislative Assembly member Simon Corbell there will be a substantial expansion of restorative justice in 2016 to include adults as well as juveniles and be available to victims of more serious offenses. That expansion will be funded over a four-year period.
Restorative Justice International is in strong support of legislative efforts that open doors to victims of violent crime to participate in restorative justice processes. Evidence based research shows that victims of violent crime who do participate in restorative justice have an increased satisfaction with the justice system. Offenders who participate are less likely to re-offend once they meet their victims (or victim surrogates). Restorative justice expansion must include funding that indicates a real investment in such policies which are good for crime victims, offenders and communities.