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Austin, Texas: Restorative Justice Court

Sometimes there is a need to take small steps before bigger steps are attempted. Read this story about a restorative justice community court coming to Austin, Texas.
Restorative justice belongs throughout our justice system because it is by applying the principles of restorative justice that we hold offenders accountable. Restorative justice involves victims of crime since it is the victims who have been injured by crime and communities as well. Direct offender accountability is best so that offenders  learn the effect their crimes have had on their victims.
Restorative justice should be applied to all types of crimes: violent and nonviolent alike, adult and juvenile. Restorative justice that is victims-centered and driven is best, when possible, but there are other processes that can be applied that reflect restorative justice principles.
We can look around the world for models that reflect restorative justice since this movement is global and growing rapidly.