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Hate violence, U.S. election & restorative justice: KCBS Radio Interview (11.15.16)

The following is a radio interview conducted on November 15th with KCBS (AM-740/106.

Lewisburg Federal Prison in U.S. Restorative Justice Requires Humane Treatment of Offenders.

RJI shares the following National Public Radio story on the treatment of inmates at Lewisburg Federal Prison in Pennsylvania (U.S.). It is a deeply disturbing report on the use of double solitary cells inside the prison’s special management unit.

Restorative Policing Webinar Audio Release (recording: September 30, 2016)

RJI’s restorative policing webinar on September 30, 2016 featured two exceptional international experts on restorative justice. We share the 90-minutes audio of this webinar today. Dr. Paul McCold (U.S.

Lifestyle Magazine: restorative justice, forgiveness and reconciliation (video)

RJI shares this video of an interview conducted by Lifestyle Magazine and its host Mike Tucker. The topic: restorative justice and reconciliation.

Shad’s Story: Repairing the Damage Done After Violent Crime

  RJI shares this powerful video with you. It’s Shad’s story. This short video comes through the UK’s Ministry of Justice. We have been in contact with Shad Ali. We are honored to share his story with you.

Mayor of London Invests in Restorative Justice to Reach More Crime Victims RJI is pleased to share this story regarding the commitment of 1.3 million pounds by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for the expansion of restorative justice in London.

BBC Radio: What Point Prison? The Debate (UK)

BBC Radio airs the following show entitled What Point Prison? The Debate chaired by Stephen Sackur (August 25, 2016). It is a lengthy, interesting and at times fiery debate on crime, prisons and justice reform.

Texas University Study Finds Restorative Justice Lowers Recidivism Rates in Offenders

July 2016 A Texas study conducted by researchers at Sam Houston University’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology  concluded restorative justice processes lower recidivism rates in juveniles.

Restorative Policing White Paper Released (July 2016)

Restorative Justice International News Release Date: July 6, 2016 9:00pm Pacific Time Contact: Lisa Rea, RJI, President Lisa Rea, Email: lisarea_rji@charter.

New Zealand: Ministry of Justice to Invest $16.2 Million in Restorative Justice (June 2016)

New Zealand’s Justice Minister Amy Adams announced $16.2 million will be invested in restorative justice to respond to the increased need for restorative justice services.