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UK: restorative justice as a victim’s right

RJI shares this story from the BBC News regarding the story of Paul Kohler, a victim of violent crime. (9.16) Mr. Kohler chose restorative justice in his own case which meant he chose to meet the offender who attacked him.

Colombia: Restorative Justice

New Zealand Justice Minister Says Restorative Justice Benefits Crime Victims

New Zealand Justice Minister reports increased victims’ satisfaction after the use of restorative justice a new survey shows.

South Yorkshire: Police Officers Supporting Victims’ Access to Restorative Justice (UK)

RJI is pleased to share this article highlighting the South Yorkshire Restorative Justice Hub with the full support of South Yorkshire police officers. Crime victims cannot access restorative justice unless they know it exists.

President Trump, criminal justice reform & restorative justice

President Trump, criminal justice reform and restorative justice   Lisa Rea, President, Restorative Justice International (RJI)   How do we respond to President Donald Trump in the U.S.

UK Testimony on restorative justice: Parliament (Jan. 12, 2017) RJI has often shared legislative information on restorative justice policies in the UK which has included providing their national plans to implement restorative justice.

Brazil prison riots: restorative justice needed As reported by Concept  News Central (January 20, 2017) RJI shares this troubling story on the recent massive rioting in Brazil’s prison at Natal.

Restorative Justice in a Kansas Prison: Parents meet Offender


Hate violence, U.S. election & restorative justice: KCBS Radio Interview (11.15.16)

The following is a radio interview conducted on November 15th with KCBS (AM-740/106.

Lewisburg Federal Prison in U.S. Restorative Justice Requires Humane Treatment of Offenders.

RJI shares the following National Public Radio story on the treatment of inmates at Lewisburg Federal Prison in Pennsylvania (U.S.). It is a deeply disturbing report on the use of double solitary cells inside the prison’s special management unit.