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Victim Meets Her Offender in South Carolina: the story of Therese Bartholomew

I am greatly encouraged, as I always am, when I meet a victim of violent crime who has found restorative justice. Ms. Therese Bartholomew is one of those crime victims. I just read her book, “Coffee Shop God” which she sent me a few days ago.

Whose Side Are You On? Reposted from


Violent juveniles: when victims disagree Can crime victims support restorative justice yet hold differing positions on juveniles serving life without parole ? Yes. Read on.

Listening to Crime Victims

  When crime victims speak about the effect violent crime has had on their lives you have to listen.

Applying Restorative Justice to the Genocide in Rwanda

INTERVIEW with Dan Van Ness Dan Van Ness is Executive Director of the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, (, a programme of Prison Fellowship International, PFI, (,based in Virginia (USA).

Restoring Victims and Communities

What do the following news stories have in common? The Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme responsible for the biggest corporate securities fraud in history, the Austrian rape and murder case of Josef Fritzi whose daughter was enslaved for 24 years, and