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Crime Victim Stephen Watt talks about restorative justice: a state trooper’s story

Wyoming state trooper Stephen Watt tells his story to Lisa Rea of Restorative Justice International. Watt was shot five times while on duty. He lived to tell the story. He also chose to meet the offender who shot him–on his own.

Wrongful convictions: apply restorative justice

I have met a number of exonerees in the U.S. These are men and women who were convicted and have served time for crimes they did not commit. I have written a number of blog articles on this subject that appear at www.rjonline.

NPR’s Talk of the Nation radio show: restorative justice

Take a listen. Hear victim of violent crime and survivor Cheryl Ward Kaiser. She talks about why she supports restorative justice and how she chose to be in contact with the offenders who killed her husband and raped her daughter.

Restorative Justice in Prison: It’s About Time

Don’t think restorative justice belongs in prison?  Think again. Some of the best in-prison restoraive justice programs are operating today whether you know it or not.

Law Student Asks: Would Crime Victims Really Want Restorative Justice?

Do victims of crime really want restorative justice? Read on. Lisa Rea’s article on speaking at a law school on restorative justice. Do we really know what victims want after they are injured by crime? http://www.restorativejustice.

Victim Meets Her Offender in South Carolina: the story of Therese Bartholomew

I am greatly encouraged, as I always am, when I meet a victim of violent crime who has found restorative justice. Ms. Therese Bartholomew is one of those crime victims. I just read her book, “Coffee Shop God” which she sent me a few days ago.

Whose Side Are You On? Reposted from


Violent juveniles: when victims disagree Can crime victims support restorative justice yet hold differing positions on juveniles serving life without parole ? Yes. Read on.

Listening to Crime Victims

  When crime victims speak about the effect violent crime has had on their lives you have to listen.

Applying Restorative Justice to the Genocide in Rwanda

INTERVIEW with Dan Van Ness Dan Van Ness is Executive Director of the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, (, a programme of Prison Fellowship International, PFI, (,based in Virginia (USA).