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Greg Wilhoit: an Innocent Man Dies (RIP) Feb. 14, 2014

This blog article is in memory of exoneree Greg Wilhoit who passed on Feb. 14, 2014 in Sacramento, California. I first wrote about Greg’s life in 2010 posted here through http://www.restorativejustice.

Scottish Parliament Supports Restorative Justice To Benefit Crime Victims

  RJI is encouraged by this story out of Scotland.

Jo Berry: A Witness for Restorative Justice

Interview with Jo Berry (1) Jo Berry’s willingness to meet the man who killed her father is another example of restorative justice at work. In her case it is also a glimpse into the kind of rare peace making we could use around the world.

Defense Lawyers In Support of Restorative Justice (Wisconsin, U.S.)

We are glad to see the following article appear in the Wisconsin Law Journal written by Anthony Cotton, vice president of the       Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and board member of the National Association of Criminal De

Restorative Justice for Sexual Assaults? Let the Victim Decide

The following article caught our attention at RJI.

NPR Radio Interview with Crime Victim Cheryl Ward Kaiser: Why Restorative Justice is So Important

This is an excellent interview. Cheryl Ward-Kaiser is a California leader who was an early supporter of victims-driven restorative justice. She tells her story here along with input and perspective from Lisa Rea, then president of JRP.

Evidence Based Research in Support of Restorative Justice

I recently had an exchange with a criminal justice professional. He explained that he thought restorative justice was valuable.

Restorative Justice: the New Way Forward

Restorative justice provides the vision for reform needed to fix a broken criminal justice system.   http://www.restorativejustice.

View from the Bench: UK judge supports restorative justice

RJI appreciates the words of Lawrence Kershen QC from the UK. Judges around the world are stepping forward and expressing their support of restorative justice.

Clergy Abuse and Restorative Justice: There’s Still Time

I have written on the subject of clergy abuse, particularly in the Catholic Church, and restorative justice at various times since 2001. RJI has published some opinions as well since our work began in 2009.