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New Zealand: Restorative Justice is a Priority

Hear this interview with General Manager Mike Hinton of Restorative Justice Aotearoa who speaks about the need to make restorative justice available to all crime victims.

Remembering Greg Wilhoit–An Innocent Man

RJI remembers Greg Wilhoit who passed on February 14, 2014. It was an honor to know him. He died too soon. We stand with those who were (and are) wrongfully convicted.

Connecticut Victim of Violent Crime Supports Restorative Justice

This is the story of Pastor Walt Everett. Victims of crime come to restorative justice in different ways. In this case Pastor Everett moved towards restorative justice after he heard an expression of remorse from the man who killed his son.

Law Enforcement Supports Use of Restorative Justice: Concord, MA (U.S.)

RJI is pleased to share this video which interviews law enforcement officers about their views of restorative justice.

Edmonton Police Uses Restorative Justice (Canada)

RJI appreciates this video explaining how the Edmonton Police Services uses restorative justice in cases of juvenile crime.

Victims to meet their offenders in Cambridgeshire, England

RJI supports a crime victim’s right to choose restorative justice. No one should decide for a crime victim whether to participate in a restorative justice process but the victim. It is an individual decision.

Victim of Violent Crime Supports Restorative Justice

Victims of violent crime are increasingly asking for restorative justice. Is the justice system opening the doors to allow victims to participate in restorative justice? RJI believes restorative justice should be a victim’s right.

Restorative justice: keeping kids in school

RJI appreciates this Associated Press story about the use of restorative justice in schools in Los Angeles, California.

RJI interview with Steve Watt, former Wyoming State Trooper

We are re-publishing our interview with crime victim/survivor Stephen Watt, former Wyoming State Trooper. He tells of how he survived a very violent encounter with a bank robber while serving as a law enforcement officer.

Guest Commentator: Matthew Johnson writes on institutional racism and violence

The following is a column written by Matthew Johnson. Johnson is a social justice activist and restorative justice practitioner from the Washington, D.C. area.