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California State University East Bay Hosts Restorative Justice Event on May 8th: RJI’s Lisa Rea to Speak

See the following information about the restorative justice conference scheduled for May 8th at California State University, East Bay. It is sponsored by the university’s Department of Criminal Justice Administration.

Restorative Justice: The New Way Forward (published by Baylor University)

RJI is reprinting this article written by Lisa Rea for Baylor University in 2012 in its Christian Reflection series on Faith and Ethics. We thank the Davis Vanguard for re-printing it this week.

Kenya: Invests in Restorative Justice to Compensate Victims of Violence

RJI is encouraged to see the actions of Kenya and its president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta choosing to invest in restorative justice.  Financial compensation is not the only thing victims of violence seek but restitution helps.

The Story of Jeanne Bishop (Chicago Tribune)

This is the story of Jeanne Bishop. It is a story of restorative justice as experienced by a murder victim’s family member. We reprint this story in the Chicago Tribune for your consideration.

Australian Royal Commission on Child Sex Abuse: Upcoming March 2015 Hearings

RJI provides the following link regarding the upcoming hearings this month on the work of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.

Jamaica’s Ministry of Justice Supports Restorative Justice

RJI is encouraged to read the following article from the Jamaica Observer indicating that Jamaica’s  Ministry of Justice is in support of restorative justice.

RJI Supports Victims-Driven Restorative in Australia: child sexual abuse

Restorative Justice International has submitted testimony to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse. See the link provided regarding the work of the commission.

New Zealand: Restorative Justice is a Priority

Hear this interview with General Manager Mike Hinton of Restorative Justice Aotearoa who speaks about the need to make restorative justice available to all crime victims.

Remembering Greg Wilhoit–An Innocent Man

RJI remembers Greg Wilhoit who passed on February 14, 2014. It was an honor to know him. He died too soon. We stand with those who were (and are) wrongfully convicted.

Connecticut Victim of Violent Crime Supports Restorative Justice

This is the story of Pastor Walt Everett. Victims of crime come to restorative justice in different ways. In this case Pastor Everett moved towards restorative justice after he heard an expression of remorse from the man who killed his son.