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RJI Podcast with Dan Van Ness, Restorative Justice Pioneer (June 2017)

Dan Van Ness has been involved with restorative justice for over 35 years, first with Prison Fellowship (USA), where he worked for 12 years and, since 1996, with Prison Fellowship International, an association of national NGOs in 120 countries.

Canadian Pierre Allard: we need the vision that restorative justice provides (video)

With great respect RJI re-posts this interview with Pierre Allard, former chaplain and Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada. Chaplain Allard is also a victim of violent crime.

Sign RJI Petition to President Trump: Restorative Justice Not Mass Incarceration

June 2, 2017 RJI has kicked off this petition to President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in response to their plan for the American criminal justice system.

Wells Fargo settlement: restorative justice applies

RJI was encouraged to see the recent story (May 25, 2017) reported by the Los Angeles Times regarding a California federal judge’s court order in the case of Wells Fargo.

RJI Podcast with Martin Howard: In-Custody Restorative Justice (Queensland, Australia) May 2017

We are very pleased to share this podcast with you as we talked with Martin Howard of Queensland, Australia about his experience with the Sycamore Tree Project, an in-prison restorative justice program bringing together victims of crime and offenders

In-custody restorative justice programs: Massachusetts (radio program-WBUR) RJI appreciates this program on WBUR radio reporting on an in-custody restorative justice program inside the Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) at Norfolk.

Rwanda: two decades after genocide

UK: restorative justice as a victim’s right

RJI shares this story from the BBC News regarding the story of Paul Kohler, a victim of violent crime. (9.16) Mr. Kohler chose restorative justice in his own case which meant he chose to meet the offender who attacked him.

Colombia: Restorative Justice

New Zealand Justice Minister Says Restorative Justice Benefits Crime Victims

New Zealand Justice Minister reports increased victims’ satisfaction after the use of restorative justice a new survey shows.