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Australian Capital Territory to Expand Restorative Justice in 2016

RJI is pleased to share this encouraging news from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as reported by City News.

From the UK: A Restorative Blueprint for Justice

UK restorative justice expert and lecturer Martin Wright provides this commentary: A Restorative Blueprint for Justice. How do you implement restorative justice as a vision for reform of our justice systems? Step by step.

The case of Sandra Bland: restorative justice applies

RJI links the following article and a petition regarding the disturbing case of Sandra Bland, a 28-year old African American woman from Illinois stopped in Waller county, Texas on July 10 for a traffic violation.

What is Restorative Justice?

We are often asked what is the definition of restorative justice? The link provided below is a short slide show describing restorative justice in simple terms. The link is provided by

Parole in the U.S. Justice System: Does Restorative Justice Apply Here?

RJI links the following article from the Washington Post which was written by The Marshall Project. We found this article excellent in its thoroughness as well as troubling.

Evidence Based Research: Victims and Restorative Justice (Europe)

RJI is linking the following research published by the European Forum on Restorative Justice. This research examines victims and restorative justice in three countries: Finland, Austria and The Netherlands.

Restorative Justice in Cape Town, South Africa: video

RJI shares this video of a speech given by Reverend Jonathan Peter Clayton in Cape Town, South Africa. Reverend Clayton is a friend of RJI. We are glad to know him and encouraged by his important work in the prisons of South Africa.

Restorative Justice in Bermuda

Restorative justice in Bermuda as reported by the Royal Gazette. Restorative justice that is victims-driven increases victims’ satisfaction, holds offenders accountable and restores peace in communities after crime.     http://www.

Restorative Justice International Hosts Skype Call on Race, Racial Violence and Restorative Justice

On July 2nd at 2pm PST Restorative Justice International will host a Skype call on race, racial violence and restorative justice. If you are active with us at RJI or are involved in justice reform contact us to join the call.

In Memory of the Nine Slain Church Members in South Carolina

The United States mourns and grieves for the nine black members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church killed on June 17, 2015 by a 21-year old man known for his racist views.