Restorative Justice: the New Way Forward

Restorative justice provides the vision for reform needed to fix a broken criminal justice system.   http://www.restorativejustice.

View from the Bench: UK judge supports restorative justice

RJI appreciates the words of Lawrence Kershen QC from the UK. Judges around the world are stepping forward and expressing their support of restorative justice.

Clergy Abuse and Restorative Justice: There’s Still Time

I have written on the subject of clergy abuse, particularly in the Catholic Church, and restorative justice at various times since 2001. RJI has published some opinions as well since our work began in 2009.

Applying restorative justice to juvenile crime

Take a look a the work being done in the UK. We like the description of restorative justice here in Leeds in the UK.

What is Restorative Justice? Lisa Rea explains.

The following is a speech given by RJI president Lisa Rea in 2008 at an event hosted by Dream One World in California. We thank them for this video.  In 2008 Ms.

Pre-sentencing Restorative Justice: Making a Way for Crime Victims

RJI is encouraged to read this story in the New York Times.  What is imp0rtant about the application of restorative justice in this case is when it is utlized by the victim’s family: before sentencing.

Schindler’s List, Anne Frank, Rwanda: Taking a Stand

I recently had a conversation with a friend from Rwanda. He is pastor I met through Prison Fellowship International (PFI) at a worldwide convocation held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1998.

How to Respond to Violent Crime? Ask the Victims of Crime

RJI will be exploring various legislative responses to violent crime in the U.S. and beyond. We will highlight in particular public policy recommendations that reflect responses based on restorative justice.

Remorse & Restorative Justice: Is It Needed?

Recently there have been some online discussions on the topic of remorse and restorative justice.  RJI has shared views here on our website on the topic of forgiveness and restorative justice.

Victim Initiated Restorative Justice (VIRJ)

RJI has launched Victim Initiated Restorative Justice (VIRJ). Contact us via this website if you are a crime victim/survivor interested in exploring restorative justice.