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Retailers Treat Them as Thieves, Guilty or Not: Walmart (June 2019)

RJI found this New York Times story disturbing regarding actions taken by corporate giant, Walmart.  While this story is dated (8.17.18) RJI has grave concerns about how customers have been treated as reported in this article. 
There was one press account saying Walmart was using restorative justice principles in response to actual reports of shoplifting. We applaud that if the goal is to reduce theft, hold offenders accountable and  resolve the problem. If there is indeed a crime then introducing restorative justice principles can be effective. Having offenders pay for stolen property is a good idea if it keeps them out of jail and the agreement between the victim (the business) and the offender is fair and achievable for the offender. With low level offenses often mediated agreements come out of victim offender dialogues. That’s a reflection of restorative justice. However, accusing customers of theft when no theft occurred is criminal and should be investigated by law enforcement and we believe Congress.
RJI is interested in customers’ experiences since this story was published. Contact RJI if you have been treated unfairly as described in this article by this corporation. No customers should be treated unfairly and in a punitive fashion by any business.  We thank the New York Times for covering this story originally.

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