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Restorative justice for clergy sexual abuse? It is time.

Although this scholarly article entitled “Practice What You Preach: How Restorative Justice Could Solve the Judicial Problems in Clergy Abuse Cases” is dated it is relevant today and the thorough overview and citations are important. RJI has worked on the global scandal of clergy abuse in the Catholic Church since 2001–both through RJI and representing The Justice & Reconciliation Project (JRP). JRP is cited in this article.

Victims-driven restorative justice is needed in any case of clergy abuse, or institutional sexual abuse, wherever it is found. Through restorative justice there is accountability and truth telling. Without both there is no healing in the victims and no transformation is possible in the institution(s) and in the offenders.

We acknowledge the author Diana Grimes and the Washington & Lee Law Review (Fall 2006) for publishing this article.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, or in any other denomination or institution, contact RJI through this web portal if you agree with our long-held position and support us.

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