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RJI is a global association and network of over 5200 members (to date) founded by  internatonal justice expert Lisa Rea to support restorative justice efforts worldwide. The focus of our work is to promote and advocate for systemic justice reform based on restorative justice. To see where we are the most active find our list of Affiliate Members on this site.

RJI believes restorative justice must be incorporated into our public policies since justice systems are impacted by legislation written and supported by public officials. We are strong advocates for evidence- based research supporting the use of restorative justice. RJI is committed to victims-driven restorative justice which seeks to restore crime victims, as much as possible, as well as communities also injured by crime while urging offender accountability. RJI partners with Affiliate members and others who are supportive of our efforts and want to work with us in a robust manner globally.

Some RJI member participants represent in the following countries: United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, India, Rwanda, Australia, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Greece, Zimbabwe and others.

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RJI has become a “go-to” place where individuals of all kinds can share information about justice reform and restorative justice while networking with others doing this work globally.  You have the option of working with us more closely by joining RJI as an Affiliate Member (go to that tab on this website) or by partnering with us in another way. A list of current RJI Affiliates is provided on this site.

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Read the the latest opinions, insights and relevant news items from restorative justice advocates, academics and practitioners around the world. Hear about crime victims who are speaking in support of restorative justice around the globe. It is an exciting time to work for victims-driven, and victims-centered, restorative justice.

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